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    A martial arts school can be a fantastic place in which to improve your physical health and confidence.
    Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will learn the discipline and technique needed to become a master in a specific kind of martial art. Whether you are interested in kickboxing classes or Tang Soo Do, we have talented instructors.
    Our kids martial arts are one of our most popular offerings and perfect for bully prevention. Whether you need to learn self defense or are simply interested in martial arts, we can help you find the technique that is perfect for you.
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Bully Prevention

Bullies can be a problem for many children. While violence is never the answer, it is always useful to know how to defend yourself should a bully's taunts become physical. Our kids martial arts are perfect to teach your children how to hold their own if a bully should try to pick on them.

Self defense
Self Defense Classes

Martial arts training and instruction can even save lives. Universal Way Martial Arts teaches professional self defense in order to help anyone who is interested in being prepared for any type of situation.

Kick boxing
Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, and have fun. You will sweat, kick, and punch until you think you’re at your limit, and then keep going. Kickboxing classes work out multiple parts of the body, encompassing arms, legs, and torso. With enough training, you'll achieve an amazing body to show off.

Martial arts for kids
Kids Martial Arts

Kids martial arts is a great way to get your children exercising, teach them discipline, and develop confidence. Our teacher are both experienced in their profession and with children so they know how to keep children engaged with fun learning techniques. We offer a variety of options for children including kids karate and kids martial arts.

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